How and when will the agency receive the Certification of completion?

When an employee successfully completes the training a Certificate and supporting course content can be printed at the time of completion. 


Does the training program meet the content requirements for those states that have training standards?

Yes, course one Basic Caregiving Skills 101 covers all of the necessary topics required by the state and constitutes 16 credit hours. Consecutive courses will result in 12 credit hours. icaresafely will review the states regs and make necessary modifications as needed for complaince. Courses need to be taken in order beginning with Basic Caregiving Skills 101. 


How long is the Certificate good for?

The certificate will have the date of completion and the expiration date which will be one year from completion of the training course.  


If a student has started taking the training course and does NOT complete it can the certificate number that the agency purchased be re-assigned to another employee?

Yes, in the event that a student does not complete the course the certificate number purchased can be re-assigned to another student. 


How do I get my discount for being an ADLware user? 

When registering your ADLware user number needs to be entered. 


Does the supervisor have to take the course to administer the skills test?

Yes, the supervisor needs to take the course to have the knowledge to conduct the skills test. 


Are the training courses available for individuals that are not employed by an agency or facility?  

No, icaresafely was specifically designed to provide training for caregivers working for an agency or a  facility.  


We are confident that icaresafely will be an invaluable training tool for agencies by ensuring that the training received is comprehensive and cost effective.


We look forward to you and your employees embarking on this amazing training journey with us......