iCareSafely Courses

iCareSafely is designed for the student to take the courses in sequence beginning with Basic Skills 101. The goal being to allow the student to build on their knowledge

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Basic Skills 101 (AR)

Basic Caregiving Skills 101, Duties and Responsibilities, Documentation, Verifications of time cards, Communications Skills, Client's...

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Caregiving Skills 102 (AR)

End of Life Care, Hospice Care Approach, Stroke Care, Elder Abuse, Alzheimer's Care, Best Practices...

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Caregiving Skills 103 (AR)

Caregiving Skills 103, Elder Abuse, Infection Control - MRSA, Elder Suicide Awaremess, Vascular Dementia, Common...

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Caregiving Skills 104 (AR)

Aging and Nutrition, Protecting Seniors from Financial Exploitation, Understanding Physical Strength and Ability, Expanding your...

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Caregiving Skills 105 (AR)

Special Needs of the Elderly, Stroke Care, Nutrition Hydration and Special Diets, Understanding Behavior, Medication...